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December 22nd, 2011

editorchicago @ 05:22 pm: Come to the Berlin Film Festival, Feb. 9 to 19, 2012 – It’s Great
Come to the Berlin Film Festival, Feb. 9 to 19, 2012 – It’s Great

Would You like to go to the Berlin Film Festival, and have a great time in this fabulous city?

Berlin is one of the most exciting cities in the world.
Berlin is one of the biggest film festivals.
Go to movie premiers, see upcoming movies, and experience the beauty
of the city of Berlin.
Plenty of big stars will be there, so you’ll have the opportunity
to meet movie stars in Berlin.

I am a screenwriter, published author and editor, and I’m planning my trip to the Berlin Film Festival February 9 to 19, 2012. I’ve traveled all over the world, lived in Europe, speak German and French, and I will be available as your interpreter during the day at the Film Festival and for nights on the town. A lot of people there speak English.

For the trip our airfare will be inexpensive, but we’ll get the best hotel we can. I will make all travel arrangements and info on places to go and things to do in Berlin. You will pay for your airfare, hotel and expenses. .

For more info on my writing-typing services, my published books and screenplays visit www.elainenorth.com - Contact Elaine: at 312-543-9919 or email authornorth@yahoo.com

Berlin is where early filmmaking was crafted to a fine art. Alfred Hitchcook got his start in Berlin, and some of the greatest filmmakers today are from Berlin, so there will be plenty of stars at the Berlin Film Festival.

August 26th, 2009

kittenspeaks @ 12:39 am: Chicago Agents
Hello All.
I am searching for a good agent (or two) here in Chicago. I have a TON of stage experience, a moderate amount of art print, a little film, a little commercial and industrial, some voice-work and a TON of convention and trade show. I am looking for someone honest who will actually send me on auditions. So, I don't need anyone big (since I don't have the experience yet) but some one who is kinda busy. (After all, if the agent isn't getting work neither will their clients.

Any suggestions or advice would be fantastic.

June 5th, 2009

howigotlostfilm @ 04:28 pm: HOW I GOT LOST - Starring Aaron Stanford and Rosemarie DeWitt

On September 11, we got drunk...

Written and directed by Joe Leonard

Original score by Kaki King


May 16th, 2009

finchroxxx @ 02:39 am: Origin
My final project for Production II at Columbia College Chicago. Post sync sound, shot on a bolex on 16mm film.

Avery can hear people's thoughts. She never intervenes, no matter how grim the things she hears. One day she comes across a young woman and a man that thinks about raping her. She must make a decision to continue her dull, meaningless life, or become something more.

it's not the best quality (youtube sux) and there was some problems with actors not showing up and stuff, so some of the acting is not particularly stellar, but I thought it turned out well considering.

July 28th, 2008

projecttwenty1 @ 10:21 am: Chicago Filmmakers & Animators !

Got Films? Want them distributed?

Submissions for undistributed films to the Philadelphia Film-A-Thon are still open! The Winner of "Best Feature" will receive a screening at the International House Philadelphia Theater, a copy of Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, the Official Philadelphia Film-A-Thon trophy, waived entry into next year's festival, and an international distribution offer by Polychrome Pictures through Warner Bros Worldwide Home Video/DVD. Visit www.ProjectTwenty1.com for more info.   

Note: Short films & animations will also receive screenings & awards at year's Film-A-Thon, but we do not have a promise from PC/WB to distribute them BUT YOU NEVER KNOW! If you have something exceptional, please send it our way, and we will do the best we can it in front of the right eyeballs! 

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